Category Topic Speaker
Artificial Intelligence The Geopolitics of Artificial Intelligence Ing. Alessandro Guarino
Artificial Intelligence Economic aspects of AI / Wirtschaftliche Aspekte von KI Chris Boos
Genome editing Genome editing with CRISPR / Cas Dr. Anna Müllner
Data Security Active Directory – The weakest link in the chain Ivor Kollár 
Safety Social networks as a place of crime Elina Radionova-Girsa
Safety The Dream of Digital Invisibility or Speech to the Little Digital Man Peter Stummer 
Safety Perception of safety in Europe Patrick Breyer
Asylum & Migration Fortress Europe: Clash of cultures Adam Wolf
Asylum & Migration Festung Europa: Kampf der Kulturen Schoresch Davoodi
Asylum & Migration Panel Discussion Gregory Engels, Adam Wolf, Schoresch Davoodi
Artificial Intelligence Technology Cold War: The Artificial Intelligence arms race Yvonne Hofstetter
Artificial Intelligence How KI changes our everyday life Dr. Isabella Gekel



Category Topic Speaker
Resilience Resilience of Energy Supply Systems Dr. Frank Umbach
Resilience Rail Resilience in Populated Areas Stefan Baumgartner
Interview Birgitta Jónsdóttir Interview Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Resilience Robust Cyber Power for Systemically Resilient Democracies Dr. Chris Demchak 
Resilience Resilience in political systems Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir
Resilience Resilience – more than just a hybrid war threat PhDr. Ivan Bartoš   
Bright Internet Bright Internet Tom Waszmann
Resilience How Bitcoin works and how Proof-of-Work makes it resilient Florian Weigand
Crypto Currency The renewable energy market in Germany, the challenges, and new perspectives with blockchain technology and crypto-currency mining Tobias Mader
Middle East Kurdistan and Middle East Enno Lenze
Middle East Situation in Iran and Middle East Schoresch Davoodi
Middle East Discussion about the situation in the Middle East Enno Lenze & Schoresch Davoodi
Military aspects of
Artificial Intelligence
How do land forces fight in 10 years? Drones, Robots & Artificial Intelligence change the war Roger Näbig 
Resilience Responsibilities in a digitally insecure world: legal frameworks. Oktavía Hrund Jónsdóttir


Category Topic Speaker
Orga Opening Day 1 Patrick Schiffer, Alexander Kohler
Safety Cleavages between Inner and Outer Security Alessandro Guarino
Digital Society Challenges to Face in a Digital Environment PhDr. Ivan Bartoš   
    and Carlo von Lynx
Crypto Currency Bitcoin: Privacy and Censorship Resistance Beyond the Web  
Orga Opening Day 2 Alexander Kohler
Middle East Situation Report on Syria and Iraq Enno Lenze
    and Kawa Prüfer
Safety Big Data and its Impact on Modern Society Vesselin Popov
Digital Society Expert Interview: The Role of Whistleblower in Modern Society Birgitta Jónsdóttir
    and Sylvia Steinitz
Orga Opening Day 3 Alexander Kohler
Digital Society Global Governance: Norms Rules and Practices Mikuláš Peksa
    and Frank Herrmann
Safety The Turning Point in Global Cooperation? Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Alexandre Vautravers
    and Dennis Wufka


Category Topic Speaker
Digital Society How Digital Media have Changed the Overall Perception in the Society Jelena Jovanovic
    and Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Digital Society Autonomous Cars – A Curse or a Blessing? Maik Boeres
    and Jens-Wolfhard Schicke-Uffmann
Digital Society Trolls, Hackers and Extremists – the Fight for a Safe and Open Web Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Gerhard Eschelbeck
    and Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Safety A New Dimension in Security Politics? The Vulnerability of Digital Infrastructure Guillaume Saouli
Safety High Level Discussion: Chances for an International Regulation of Digital Weapon Angelika Beer
    and Birgitta Jónsdóttir
Safety Industry 4.0 and the Threat of Digital Weapons Prof. Gabi Dreo Rodosek
    Richard Stinneon
    and Andy Yen
Safety Automated Warfare – Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Marcel Dickow
    and Thomas Marc Goebel
Middle East The war on ISIL – A Situation Report from Iraq and Syria Enno Lenze
    and Lea Frings
Middle East Fragile States – The Breeding Grounds of Terrorism? Challenges with State Building in the 21st Century Milena Elsinger
    Peter Finkelgruen
    and Björn Semrau


To be continued