Greetings from Birgitta Jónsdóttir (Iceland)

Opening – Patrick Schiffer, Alexander Kohler – Pirate Security Conference 2017 #psc17

Cleavages between Inner and Outer Security – Alessandro Guarino – Pirate Security Conference 2017

Big Data and its Impact on Modern Society – Vesselin Popov – #psc17

Challenges to Face in a Digital Environment – Ivan Bartos and Carlo von Lynx #psc17

Pirate Security Conference – Ondřej Profant

Well prepared for things to come

In the name of the Pirate Party of Germany and the nonprofit association 42 e.V. we cordially invite you to our annual international Security Conference on Munich from 16th to 18th February 2017 which will almost coincide with the Munich Security Conference.

These are the topics for our conference:

1. New Dimensions in the Threat Landscape

New technologies challenge the recent foreign and security policy question concepts of nation states. In particular, conflicts in the so-called “5th. dimension”, the cyber space, the blurring boundaries between internal and external security are increasing. Propaganda and attacks on the economy of a State become part of everyday life since. But rarely such attacks can be traced back to its roots.

2. Global Governance: Norms, Rules and Practices

Globalization means one thing: The encounter of different cultures, each with there own ideas, actions and lifestyles. But for a fruitful and forward-looking cooperation for a common foundation it is essential to establish. The three cornerstones of this basis consists primarily of negotiated standards, laws and lived practice. Especially with the set up of common norms and common standards, political institutions have been overhauled by the IT-business.

But what opportunities and risks arise from the transnational co-operations of the private sector? What responsibilities do bear companies on human rights and justice in the international community?

3. Conflicts in the 21st Century

The violent conflict for limited resources is as old as humanity itself. Due to climate change and the continuous pollution, the competition intensifies, however visable. Not only for the economy essential commodities such for crude oil and rare earths ensure conflicts,but increasingly fertile land and fresh water supply. Simultaneously smolder existing Wars continue: The Islamic State had questioned the territorial boundaries of entire countries in the Middle East and also the 70 years of peace in Europe seems more fragile than ever because of not only the Ukraine crisis but the nationalist movements in many European countries.