We are proud to present you this year again lots of high-level speakers,  ranging from scientists over politicians to military personnel. The  list is not yet complete and will be supplemented in the next few days.
Since 2009 Birgitta Jónsdóttir is representing the Pirate Party in the Althing, the Parliament of Iceland. She is well known as an activist for freedom of speech and information as well for environmental protection.
Dr. Ing. Alessandro Guarino is a software engineer and head of StudioAG. The company is specialized on digital forensics. Due to his years of work in the international sector he became an expert of ICT Law, Cyber Security and Policies.
Enno Lenze is a free journalist and thanks to his numerous visits he became an expert on Iraq and Syria related topics.
Kawa Prüfer is a Peshmerga fighter with quite a few years of service, fighting the Islamic State in northern Iraq.
Vesselin Popov is the Business Development Director des Psychometrics Centre der Cambridge Business School.
Dr. Ivan Bartos is a renowned computer scientist and leader of the Czech Pirate Party.
Dr. Alexandre Vautravers is Professor for Global Studies Institute, University of Geneva; Visiting Fellow,  Changing Character of War (CCW), University of Oxford; Editor-in-Chief,  Revue militaire suisse  (RMS).
Angelika Beer is a politician and former member of the European Parliament, the parliament of Germany (Bundestag) and currently member of the state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein.
Frank Herrmann is a Member of Parlament of North Rhine-Westphalia 
Carlo von Lynx is a white hat hacker and activist on digital security.
Mikuláš Peksa is the head of international relations within the Czech Pirate Party.
and some more